Using Fog Lights In Low Visability Weather

Even the most experienced drivers can have trouble when driving in fog. Fog lights can help tackle the issue but they don’t guarantee safety, it’s important to keep aware of your surroundings and to use the fog lights efficiently.

It’s often the case that drivers are unsure when fog lights should and shouldn’t be used. By law all cars must have fog lights installed, but there is no legal obligation to actually use them.

It’s recommended that fog lights are switched on when visibility is reduced to around 100 meters or less. When the fog lights are on, a fog light indicator will be illuminated on the dashboard of the vehicle, this can serve as a useful reminder when unsure if the fog lights are on or functioning correctly.

Using fog lights in low visibility weather conditions will definitely help the driver to see more clearly, making travel more safe. However, if the vehicle only has rear fog lights fitted, these will only help other drivers to see that vehicle.

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