Why your car needs care during winter

Many car owners refuse to accept that their car needs more love and attention during winter, and that disregard for their car’s safety is clear to be seen when their tyres are flat, their water levels are low, fuel is spluttering from their exhaust and their registration plate is obscured and covered in thick dirt.

The cold weather and muddy conditions during winter mean the roads aren’t in the best shape, the salt causes potholes too and the nights are dark, so that naturally means there are more accidents in wintertime. This is why it’s especially important you make yourself visible so keep your car’s lights in perfect working order and replace them whenever the bulbs blow. You also need to make sure all your essential levels are checked such as oil, water, windscreen reservoir and petrol. Finally you should make sure everything’s perfect inside, such as the heater, which will be extremely handy in terms of clearing your windscreen and keeping your view crystal clear.

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