• Electric Cars – Should I Own One?

    Electric cars are taking the industry by storm. With many major brands like Mini, Peugeot, Renault and Ford all joined the trend of producing full or hybrid electric cars. These cars do come with a higher price point, so should I have one?

    If you have the budget, we would recommend purchasing an electric car, doesn’t matter on the brand, but it is worthwhile. Electric vehicles are significantly better for the environment, this is a huge selling point for them. Whilst they do take a while to charge and you ideally need to travel to places with charging points, they are amazing. They can drive faster and be more efficient than others on the market.

    Owning an electric car will allow you to do your part for our world. To play your part in reducing your carbon footprint. It is an excellent investment for all, but most importantly those who have the budget to do so.

  • Are New Cars Worth The Cost?

    Looking to purchase a car is an exciting time. But when searching online, you are likely to see the high costs of these brand new cars and wonder if they are really worth it. Well, we are going to help you decide.

    Brand new cars, there is no doubting it that they have a high price tag. This price point can be off-putting to some as they are simply unaffordable, but why do they have this price?

    You are simply paying for the aspect of it being brand new! No one will have ever driven it before, it is fully new. No scratches, no miles, no damage, everything will be perfect.

    In some places, you will also be paying for the aspect of designing it yourself. Not the car exactly, but the colour and interior features. You will be able to personalise it to fit your requirements to make the dream car.

    So, is it worth the money, well that’s up to you? It depends entirely on how unique you want your car to be.

  • Am I Able To Tow A Trailer?

    Towing a trailer depends upon the driving license you have. Most people are able to tow a trailer of up to 3,500kg, this is equivalent to a smaller trailer. You can only tow this size trailer if your car has a tow bar and is capable of towing a trailer.

    However, some people are not able to tow trailers or caravans. This is newly introduced. If you wish to tow a caravan for holidays, you will need to go on an additional learning course to ensure you are safe to tow a caravan. This is a short day or two course where you learn how to safely tow a caravan.

    Once you have this addition on your license you are able to tow caravans and trailers that are up to a higher weight limit. This will again depend upon what your car can manage on its tow bar.

  • Christmas Driving Safety Check List

    The Christmas period is fast approaching. The time of year where we all sit back, relax and simply enjoy ourselves with the company of our family and friends. But with Christmas comes a huge range of dangerous driving. So, we are going to remind you of safety tips you must remember this Christmas.

    Firstly, drink driving is extremely common over the Christmas period. So, do not forget that this is against the law. Do not drive if you have had anything to drink even if you believe you are under the limit. It is easy to get carried away at Christmas so keep yourself and others safe by staying away from the wheel.

    People also seem to forget about the general rules of the roads. If you are driving at night time, remember to turn on your lights so you can see and others can see you. If you are driving in the snow or ice, drive with more care as the roads are not as safe.

    Let’s keep everyone safe this Christmas by remembering our simple road laws and how to drive safely in all conditions.

  • Car Insurance – What You Need To Know

    Once you have found a car that is right for you, you must look at your car insurance options. Sometimes newer cars can cure a higher insurance rate, especially for newer drivers. So it is always good for you to research your insurance to make sure they are affordable for you.

    Here’s is a shortlist of what you need to know about car insurance.

    Black Box Insurance
    Some car insurance companies offer black box car insurance. This is where your car will be tracked and monitored to ensure you are sticking to the rules of the road and driving safely. They may also come with limitations for when you can drive so new drivers are trying to avoid the busy periods to keep their black box insurance company happy. This is normally offered to new drivers to give them a slightly lower insurance price.

    When choosing a car insurance company you also need to look at the equity you will need to pay out if you make an insurance claim. Some companies will have a minimum you have to pay, normally between £200-£500, but you can also add on your personal preference if you wish to pay more. This can help your insurance to become cheaper, but you must make sure you will be able to pay this figure if an insurance claim was to be made.

    Car insurance will also have limitations on the number of miles you can drive in a year. You will be choosing this yourself, so you need to ensure that you will be covered for the number of miles that you need to drive. In general, the more miles you are likely to drive, the more expensive your insurance will be, you need to find the sweet spot for the best deal price.

  • Choosing The Right Car For You

    Car shopping is a fun and exciting time. With everyone enjoying the feeling of buying a new car to drive around in. However, it may not always be fun, sometimes this can be stressful. With there being so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right car for you, so today, we are going to help you!

    Firstly think about what you want your car for. Is it going to be a run around town car for commuting to work, or is it more for longer journeys? This will help you decide what type of car you should be purchasing.

    You should also think about your sie requirements. Do you need a large car, or will a smaller car do the job for you? Smaller cars generally have lower running costs, so should always be considered where possible.

    Finally, remember that brand isn’t everything. You do not need to be set on a certain make of car. Some other makes may have better options for you that suit your needs.

  • Buying A Used Car – What To Look Out For

    We all know that buying a new car allows us to purchase the car of our dreams at a much lower cost. But, there are a few things you need to look out for when purchasing a used car online.

    Price Point
    The first aspect of purchasing a used car you want to consider is the price point. Some people can overprice their cars when selling them themselves so always consider how the price differs from buying a new car of the same style.

    Another aspect that you need to consider when purchasing a used car is mileage. You may find a car that is surprisingly within your budget. You should always check how many miles the car has driven. Ideally, you do not want to purchase a car that has driven a high amount of miles as this can cause issues.

    You should always consider these two aspects alongside each other when purchasing a used car. Price can correlate to the mileage and you really want to find the sweet spot for your dream car.

  • Why are loading straps so useful?

    The tie-down straps are efficient and come equipped with a ratchet system, which means they don’t slip off of the cargo when climbing into or out of trucks. Loading straps are so useful for all kinds of industries, keeping goods and heavy machinery safe and sound. These loading tie downs can be adjusted to the size of your truck, therefore loading and unloading is much faster than with other types of strapping.

    Most frequently, loading straps are sold in a complete set, which includes four binders and ratchets as well as cargo hooks. It’s critical to carry out load securing properly. By loading your cargo in a secured manner, you can rest assured that there will be no shifting. Also, loading straps and loading chains are easy to use on almost any vehicle: pickup trucks, vans or trailers.

    Key benefits of using loading straps

    1. Are fast loading

    2. They also help to secure cargo before driving off

    3. By being easy to use they can be used by rookies in the field as well as professionals who have been loading for years

    4. Another great aspect is their versatility – with loading straps you get flexible options which mean you can secure cargo in a variety of different ways, depending on what type of truck or form of transportation it is used for

    5. Not too expensive.

    6. Anti-slip surface ensures that it stays where you put it – not going to move around on you as it is loading.

    7. Makes loading faster and easier

    How do they work?

    1. They are flat and made out of a sturdy material which means they can be used in any weather condition without fear that they will break down or rip apart. That said, some are marked as one-time use only, so do be careful what you’re buying as having high quality is critical to safety.

    2. Loaded up with a strong clip at each side, loading straps hold fast, even when loaded with heavy cargo.

    3. Made for loading loads of heavy cargo, loading straps are primarily designed to help you load and unload heavy items like wheelbarrows or boxes.

    4. They will hold the load as tight as you need them too without worrying they will break apart and let go since loading straps were made to stand up to extreme weather conditions, vibrations, bumps in the road – anything that could cause your cargo to fall off and/or get damaged if not sealed tightly.

    5. There are loading straps that hold securely in place with a clasp – this makes it easier for you to secure the load than those loading straps with plastic clips that have a tendency to slip out when under pressure.

  • Should I Buy A New or Used Car?

    A commonly asked question when wanted to buy a car is whether or not we should buy a new car or a used car. Today, we are going to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of both options to help you to decide.

    A Look Into New Cars
    Purchasing a new car comes with a huge range of benefits, some of these include:

    You will be the first one to drive the car, meaning it will be in pristine condition, with no one else has driven it.

    Purchasing a new car gives you the option to customise the car exactly how you want to. You will be given the option to choose the interior, car colour, and add extras, making this car exactly how you want it.

    Purchasing a new car also comes with one main disadvantage. This is the price point. New cars are extremely expensive, making them unaffordable for most of us to afford.

    A Look Into Used Cars
    Like new cars, choosing to purchase a used car does come with its own range of benefits. Some of these include:

    The main benefit of purchasing a used car is of course the price point. These are considerably cheaper than new cars, making them more affordable.

    There is a larger selection of cars to purchase used. With you have a larger variety of options, even including some cars which are no longer manufactured anymore.

    Of course, used cars also come with their disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that you may come across issues with the car. Due to their age, you may have to fix up the car to ensure it is driveable and safe. Used cars also come with the issue that they may have clocked up a large number of miles, meaning it may not last as long as what you’d like it to.

  • How Useful Are Accessories For Your Car?

    There are many different accessories which you can purchase for you car, with some of these being more useful than others. Today, we are going to talk about multiple accessories for your car and how useful they truly are.

    First up is steering wheel covers. Most new drivers, especially girls, want to purchase steering wheel covers. From leather to super fluffy, there is something out there for everyone. However, these steering wheel covers can be more of a hinderance than they’re worth. Making your steering wheel harder to grip and turn than what is needed.

    Another accessory which you can purchase for your car is air fresheners. These are an extremely useful accessory as they do help your car to smell fresh and clean. They come in many different styles meaning there is something for everyone. However, we could stay away from dangling air fresheners as these can be a distraction whilst driving.

Bearing suppliers

Bearings and components are important car parts that need to be bought from reliable, genuine bearing suppliers. Different makes of vehicle use different types of bearings and will need parts to be compatible. It’s best to choose bearings that are approved by your car or vehicle manufacturer to ensure they will be the perfect choice. Check compatibility before buying bearings.

Car tyres for sale

Car tyres can be ordered online, which is often a cheaper way of buying quality branded tyres for vehicles. There are many car tyres for sale online, including summer tyres, winter tyres, all terrain tyres, mud tyres, and more. It’s important to know the section width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, and load rating index before buying.

Keeping a car in a garage will protect it from all weather conditions, especially during winter when it can be cold and frosty. Keeping your car in a garage that has insulated garage doors will help maintain the temperature and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle. Insulated doors for garages are made of thermally efficient material and are very effective.

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