Am I Able To Tow A Trailer?

Towing a trailer depends upon the driving license you have. Most people are able to tow a trailer of up to 3,500kg, this is equivalent to a smaller trailer. You can only tow this size trailer if your car has a tow bar and is capable of towing a trailer.

However, some people are not able to tow trailers or caravans. This is newly introduced. If you wish to tow a caravan for holidays, you will need to go on an additional learning course to ensure you are safe to tow a caravan. This is a short day or two course where you learn how to safely tow a caravan.

Once you have this addition on your license you are able to tow caravans and trailers that are up to a higher weight limit. This will again depend upon what your car can manage on its tow bar.

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