Christmas Driving Safety Check List

The Christmas period is fast approaching. The time of year where we all sit back, relax and simply enjoy ourselves with the company of our family and friends. But with Christmas comes a huge range of dangerous driving. So, we are going to remind you of safety tips you must remember this Christmas.

Firstly, drink driving is extremely common over the Christmas period. So, do not forget that this is against the law. Do not drive if you have had anything to drink even if you believe you are under the limit. It is easy to get carried away at Christmas so keep yourself and others safe by staying away from the wheel.

People also seem to forget about the general rules of the roads. If you are driving at night time, remember to turn on your lights so you can see and others can see you. If you are driving in the snow or ice, drive with more care as the roads are not as safe.

Let’s keep everyone safe this Christmas by remembering our simple road laws and how to drive safely in all conditions.

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