Why Should You Have Your Own Nitrogen Generator

Most of the world’s industrial oxygen and nitrogen is created with the use of a cryogenic separation unit. However, there is a huge problem associated with this, there is generally no information on the cylinder to indicate how much product exists inside or even the flow rate. Having your own nitrogen generator comes with several advantages.

When you buy your own, you’re going to save on the rental cost. On any industrial plant, there are usually three cylinders. One is usually waiting to be collected, while one is in use and the last is fill and waiting to be used. However, they all cost a rental fee.

The second advantage is the location. These cylinders should always be secured for safety purposes. Since they carry a pretty large footprint, they should be placed in an area where sudden release can’t cause harm.

Typical cylinders are usually heavy to move and require their special equipment. This is generally time consuming and expensive. Any downtime suffered also reduces onsite production.

When you’re working with gas, you’re going to experience pressure loss with cylinders. When you have your on-site generator, you no longer need to lose out on the consumable adsorbents. This means that you’ll also be able to reduce the cost.

Additionally, you’re also going to experience low flow rates when you need to rely on prefilled tanks. Due to the internal evaporator, your flow is limited. This is due to the fact of the storage capacity and the reduction that occurs.

Another reason to have your generator is the temperature duty cycle. The internal evaporator results in the need for more time to achieve a sufficient level. This is done to ensure that completion evaporation of the liquid occurs.

When you have nitrogen tanks on site they can eventually start leaking. This results in you having to spend money on getting a new tank. If you have your generator, you’ll be able to save on the cost.

Another main benefit of having your own generator is simply the demand for nitrogen. While you can use a liquid tank as a backup solution, it is quite wasteful. If your customers require small amounts, and they have an old large tank, this can also result in wastage.

As we conclude, we have just looked at why you should purchase your nitrogen generator. Having your source saves you the trouble of having to deal with all the issues that come with a tank. However, it should be noted that when nitrogen tanks are sitting in your compound, they will eventually become empty after 3 months.

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