Getting A Second Hand Vehicle Back On The Road

Getting a second hand vehicle on the road can be a little complicated. Insurance tax and MOT, are all necessary for a vehicle to be used on public highways, and its sometimes the case that a second hand vehicle has some of these missing, or even none at all.

Getting these documents are usually only an issue with second hand vehicles as brand new vehicles often do not require a MOT for a number of years, and insurance and road tax are much easier to acquire, and sometimes even included.

In order to get road tax a vehicle must have an MOT. In order to get an MOT a vehicle must be insured. So the order that they need to be obtained in is: Insurance, then MOT, then road tax.

Once a vehicle is insured and taxed it is still not road worthy unless it has an MOT. Fortunately it is legal to drive a vehicle to the MOT test centre to get one, so long as it is a direct route to the test centre.

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