Why South East Asia prefers bikes to cars

If you’ve visited South East Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam, then you will have noticed that the roads are packed with motorbikes and mopeds, and hardly any cars, but why is this? Well the answer is actually quite simple, bikes are simpler, and the rather soft laws (compared to European laws) allow for bikes to carry pretty large loads, whilst families of 4 can fit on bikes, and save a great deal of money than they would if they bought a car. Fuel is much cheaper too, but it’s really all about cash saving, which is often a top priority for these often deprived countries. Bikes help many people get about their daily work, and some find they don’t actual have any real need for a car. You will walk down the street in Vietnam to see people transporting heavy loads on the back of their bike, or holding large objects in their hands while riding, and while considered unsafe in the UK, Australia and the United States, it’s completely normal in South East Asia and the locals do take advantage of that.

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