What You Need To Spray Paint Your Car

You’d be surprised at just how much a re-spray can transform a car. It’s relatively easy to do too, with all of the paints and tools required are easily obtainable from workshops and automotive retailers. There are a few items that are necessities however, at least to do the job to to a high standard and leave it looking better than before. 
The Checklist
Here’s a list of the tools required to get the job done. There may be other items that experienced fabricators will use, but these are the basics to get started:
  • Abrasive papers – These are used to sand the car down before cleaning.
  • Cellulose thinners – Used to remove excess dirt during cleaning.
  • Masking tape, Newspaper – These are needed to mask the painting areas.
  • Primers – These give a base coat to the paint.
  • Spray paint and Lacquer – Used to paint and finish the car.
  • Warm soapy water, clean water, disposable gloves and overalls – If they are necessary.

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