How Electric Cars Are Created

One of the biggest developments in automotive history has been the design of the electric car. However unlike cars run by a combustion engine, electric automobiles have not easily developed into a viable means of transportation. This has mostly been because of the fact that gasoline powered cars are much easier to mass-produce, diminishing the interest in developing electric engine cars. However in recent years research has increased due to environmental issues and diminishing natural resources.

Today, electric cars are created with unique battery packs, designed specifically and only for use in electric vehicles. These battery packs are made up of rechargeable secondary-type batteries that act as storage cells. The batteries are positioned in the car in a T shape. With the top of the T along the rear of the car, providing better weight distribution and safety.

Electric cars are also created using special aluminium frames, created in such a way to improve the strength of the vehicle, whilst remaining lightweight and durable.


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