Long Journey Checklist

When planning a long journey in your vechile there are several checks you should carry out before setting off.  Most of these are checks which should be done by Law to ensure your vechile is road worthy.

Tyres and Tyre Pressure
Your Tyre pressure should be checked against the manual and adjusted accordingly.  Your tyres should be good condition with no damage and a tyre depth within the middle section of the tyre of a minimum 1.6mm.

All lights should be working.  If a bulb has blown or is flashing fast then get that replaced. Remember to check all lights front and back including the reverse and number plate light.

Engine Coolant, Brake and Oil and Washer Bottle Levels
Change all fluid levels including your screen wash levels and top up to the maximum lines.  If any levels are worryingly low, get these check at a garage.

Emergency Supplies
Incase of emergency ensure you have packed some supplies such as a blanket or coat, food, drink and first aid kit.

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