Improving Tire Traction On Icy And Snowy Surfaces

The development of new and excellent all-season tires is a high priority for tire manufacturers as well as the companies that supply the materials. Also important is the adaptation of advanced control techniques, which can improve tire traction.

Understanding the friction mechanism and friction characteristics of rubber tires is necessary to improve their effectiveness. Friction on ice and snow is both material and system dependent, meaning that both the materials of the tire can effect traction as well as the mechanical design of the car.

An effective solution to improve tire traction in icy and snowy conditions is to use studded or spiked tires. However, in many countries adapted tires like these are prohibited, leading to an even greater demand for highly effective rubber tires. It also comes as no surprise that greater tire traction improves the safety of the vehicles occupants, which is of great importance for vehicle manufacturers.


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