Advice For Driving In Wintry Conditions

Wintry weather can make driving a real challenge. So if your setting off in these unfavourable condtions be sure to have some of this useful knowledge in mind before hand.

When approaching a bend, it helps to reduce the speed of the car before turning the steering wheel. If however the car does lose grip, stop using the accelerator and make sure that the wheels are pointing in the intended direction.

When driving in dull, gloomy, wintery conditions, especially in heavy rain and snow, use dipped headlights. Relying on daytime running lights is not always enough as they often don’t put lights on the back of the car.

Consider the environment that you’re driving in and think about the microclimates that might appear on the road. These are areas that perhaps the sun hasn’t yet gotten to, which could stay icy when the rest of the road has thawed.

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