The Basics Of Car Electricals

While cars are almost universally driven by a petrol or diesel engine, there are many important components that run on electricity. These are commonly known as the electricals of a car, and their correct  equally as important as the engine itself.

Within the electricals of the car there are two types of electricity flowing through the circuits. These are the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). An electrical component of the car is the battery, when these discharge they emit a constant DC power in one direction, supplying electricity through the positive terminal to the negative.

The electricals require DC charge for them to function properly, however there is a limited supply that comes from the battery. Eventually after emitting power for too long it will be drained with no remaining power to give.

Because of this cars also make use of a component called an alternator. These are small generators which transfer the energy generated from the motion of the car into electrical energy.

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