The Types Of Trucks Seen On The Roads

They are a common sight when out on the highways, trucks and tankers are regularly used to transport goods and cargo long-distances over land. They are a crucial for keeping businesses running and services operating.

Road trucks are classified by their weight, with the 3 main categories being light trucks, medium trucks, and heavy trucks.

Light Trucks

Light trucks consist of the smallest trucks used on the roads. They include vehicles such as Pickup trucks and Panel vans. They are defined as weighing between 1–6350 kg.

Medium Trucks

Larger than light trucks, medium trucks are often seen transporting lightweight but voluminous cargo. Some medium trucks include Flatbed trucks and Firetrucks. The weight classification is 6351–11793 kg

Heavy Trucks

The largest trucks used to transport cargo. This includes Cement mixers, Log carriers and Tractor units pulling semi-trailers. Heavy trucks are classified as weighing anything from 11794 kg to over 14969 kg.


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